Heal, Dream, . . . Manifest

What we strive for are select, long lasting, and complementary relationships.

Following the departure of their sons from home, Bill, and Rebecca moved on to the realization, and manifestation of a long-held dream.  A return to the land.  They purchased twenty-six acres in northern Colorado, and established, what became, and continues in its evolution as Heart Space Farms.  Long ago when asked “Who am I?” a Shaman replied, “I dreamt you up.”  Heart Space Farms is grounded in the concept Universal Responsibility.  Do not imagine, rather image, and allow all who would, to enter, and guide you.  As such, Heart Space Farms is residence to a multitude of rescued, rehomed, and adopted spirits of the Animal World, including a retired thoroughbred (Patrick), three donkeys (Skittles, Bebes, and Otto), thirteen goats (Adams, Jackson, Sundance, Bruno, Owen, Atticus, Zelda, Chet, Ace, John W., Bessie, Amelia, and Neil), eleven chickens (all named), two dogs (Max, and Lloyd, and Preu), three cats (Eddie, Maude, and Itzchel), and two colonies of honey bees.  There is also a 375 SF greenhouse, abundant with tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, beets, cucumbers, dill, basil, cilantro, eggplant, carrots, and marigolds the size of lemons.  There are walking meditation paths.  And a Medicine Wheel.

So, if the decision is made to work together, you will be asked to enter the farm, and its teachings, as the journey towards recovery is undertaken.  You will be asked to engage in chores, and confront those things out of your comfort zone.  A nineteen hand horse, donkeys whose eyes are windows to your soul, and goats whose sideways eyes ask you to view things from the different perspective, and also to share in its bounties of eggs, produce, and honey.

The law provides legal solutions, but the problems which make the law’s intervention necessary are fundamentally human, and addressing one, without invitation to explore the other renders resolution meaningless as:

“In all the creation and all the life, you will go through, know that the beauty is ahead of you.  As you walk the beauty is behind you, below you, and above you.  That’s the way you should think about yourself.  Entering the beauty is realizing that you’re in the beauty.  You must fully appreciate the life that has (been) given you and take care of it.”

* Connor, Nancy, ed. “Walking Thunder: Dine Medicine Woman.” Essay. In Shamans of the World: Extraordinary First-Person Accounts of Healings, Mysteries, and Miracles, 44. Sounds True, 2008.