What people say

Deepest gratitude for your endless hours of work, and contemplation, your care and commitment and your generous giving spirit. – LJ

Thank you again for helping me put my life back on track. – NG

I wanted to thank you for your personal attention in my divorce case. Thanks to you, I was awarded 50/50 custody of my kids and my house. You are a cut above. If any of my friends need help in this area, you can be sure I will refer them to you. – PH

I wanted to thank you for all the work you put into my case. Going through this process I have learned a lot about myself and have grown from the experience. I know you were doing your job, but you played a significant role in helping me to grow, whether you knew it or not. I appreciate your support and for teaching me to have confidence in myself and my decisions. You really went above and beyond, and it is greatly appreciated. – AZ

Thanks so much Bill for your help on this matter, and for your patience! I look forward to seeing you again sometime, hopefully under happy circumstances. – TG

Within the darkness you have been one of my brightest lights. – BL

Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated. Thank you for helping me through my divorce and for being more than just a lawyer to me. I only hope I can be as helpful to someone in need some day. Thank you, a million times. – BA

Thank you. I never thought I would like my divorce lawyer. – JP

I cannot express how grateful I am to know you.  Thank you for all your support, guidance, and wisdom that you have given me. –  DH

You are a thoughtful, wonderful man. – KS

Here is my HUGE thank you. – DR

You helped me see things from a different perspective, and helped me to be patient. – MH

It is an honor to meet people like you in this lifetime as you have been given a special gift.  Thank you for taking such good care of my sister.  You have been a gift to this whole family.  – AJ

I appreciate the fact that you actually cared about what happened to me.  I have not seen that in a lawyer yet.  We need more like you.  – DL